Oshion 9 Seat Rattan Furniture Outdoor Sofa Dining Table With Free Rain Cover Black Silk Screen Glass Dark Grey Sofa Cover (UK Flame Retardant Material) Grey Rattan Total 2 Boxes

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Do you need a universal furniture to fulfill all your daily needs? If so, you can have a try of our 9 Seat Rattan Furniture. It is made of very durable and completely weatherproof rattan. If the cushions get dirty by accident, you can simply zip off the cover and wash the covers. Featuring sturdy construction and durable use, this patio outdoor wicker can well stand for both test of time and high temperature, which is perfect for any outdoor and indoor use and fulfills your purpose to decorate the place you desire. Our wicker products are durable, can withstand rain and wind all year round, and can resist ultraviolet rays. What do you hesitate for? Hurry and place an order!

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